Friday, July 22, 2011

To the Street With Hum Part 2

We steam and sip for the balms as streets buzz and the folk hawk and chatter 

To the Street With Hum

Living in the Lap of Labor Book Release Sept 4th @cometfive

The book release is September 3 at The Comet. Come for spoken performances followed by the music of Dixie Trash. Be sure to check out for more details.
Book release and spoken word show followed by live music. Confirmed so far: Mark Flanigan, Jughead, Uncle Dave Lewis, Yvette Nepper, Betsy Young, Neil Aquino, Chuck Byrd and music by Dixie Trash. Much more TBA!

Aurore Press Labor Book Release at the Comet

May You Never Have to Listen to Surf Music Again

And I delay to the exact or to the important as I scramble to feed these things and that... I hear 'Turn it On' now we can get to business

Soon To The Pool

I will test this as the angry heat orb makes us scurry for shelter but in August I will be splashing into over-rated english brothers 90's rock band. With chlorine. With words, with pork.