Thursday, February 17, 2011


Streets pounce the lulled as Ghetto boy play on God’s time below in hazed daydream

Faces hold verses and ghosts of generations lost sport a strut that aches the peasants’ brow

It glows like daisies in junkyards.

Loco braves hustle on wicked concrete and dice

Chop lips of blues jargon give wind charmed gypsy life

The blessed urban life

Cancerous and pronounced

Crazed slim hipped girls tantrum a bruised sky

As the chatter of the avenue linger the sultry summer storms….

No future

No time

Lost on graffiti bleed walls

Days fall like pigeons from bridges and sweet dialog plot a fool’s gold

Blood on the fire escape and the innocent find no sidewalk to claim

They seek a jazz swagger love

And the girls swim

The music screams

And the alley shines

Forever reminisce in the hectic dusk

Slack-jaw hymns bellowing to the deity

It is my fragile paradise lost in the rail yards

Begging for a whispered revolt

Smack set minds hand down the message from Babylon

Tank-stalk waters cleanse the chalky streets

Swirled words trickle


And down

And down they go




Home sick for the old school melodies

Music surges

Fathers cry

And a decrepit metropolis burns on into oblivious dawn

And it glides

In the saddest of all keys

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